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Sydney, our final destination!

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Although we had an early wake up call, I must say that I slept surprisingly well. It seems that I get adapted to the early hours, which is kind of sad because after many weeks of traveling, I finally get "adjusted" as our trip is coming to an end.

We only have 6 more days on this beautiful continent and than we have to leave again. It all feels kind of weird and it surprises me that constantly being on the move is something you can adapt to very easily. I just don’t want to go back home and I am 100 % sure that my roommate has the same feelings.

To me, travelling is the most beautiful thing there is, and sadly enough I can’t seem to think of one bad thing about it, except maybe the fact that one day it ends and you have go back to your daily routine back home. But luck is on our side today, because we still have one last city to discover … Sydney, here we come!


Once again we went for the delicious breakfast served at our hotel, we quickly paid our fees at the reception and then we were off again to the Southern Cross bus station for our transport towards the airport.

Everything goes very smoothly and we arrive on time, exactly as we planned it. Because we were early, we had some free time to have a quick look in a few shops and before we even realised it, we had to board our plane already. Although we had a delay of about half an hour, we managed to arrive at the Sydney domestic airport on time. I just love Qantas!

It doesn’t take long to get to the conveyor belt and upon our arrival it takes just a few minutes of waiting before our luggage pops up. Now the only thing we have to figure out is how we get to our hotel. We notice the airport train and take it all the way to central station. From here we have to find the right train to Kings Cross, the location of our hotel for the next couple of days. This is a bit tougher than expected, especially with all our luggage and the heat (yeah!!!), but suddenly a friendly Aussie appears and takes us all the way to the right track. He is just so friendly and I am sure going to miss the friendliness of the people once I get back home, but I am not going to think about that right now. After all, we are in one of the world’s greatest cities!

Upon our arrival at Kings Cross Railway station, we take the Victoria Street exit and once again above ground we immediately notice our hotel. How great is that, we couldn’t have picked a more perfect location!

The reception of the Mercure hotel is based on the second floor. We had to wait a couple of minutes, but than it’s our turn and within minutes we receive our key card with a smile. I am so lucky we've already got a room. After all, it is not even 2 PM yet, but the both of us are sweating like a pig and the one thing we really want to do is change into a new set of clothes (preferably shorts and thongs) and go into the city. There is so much we want to see and do and we are a bit scared that we aren’t going to have enough time for it all.


Our first stop is Paddy’s Market to do some souvenir hunting. Our friend Ewa suggested we go here because of all the cheap souvenirs and she wasn’t wrong. Once again the market was filled with Asian vendors, no surprise really. They seem to be excellent business people, but unfortunately they don’t bargain like they use to do in China! :)

We manage to get all the souvenirs we wanted, but time is flying fast as well. I didn’t notice it really, but we were already a few hours inside the market and we started to get really hungry. We pass the hotdog stand a few times and in the end we surrender to it and buy ourselves a hotdog. Okay, I have to admit that this wasn’t the most smart thing to do … a Chinese person selling hotdogs seems a bit fishy and by now we know this was the most terrible mistake we made so far. It was just plain awful!!! How can people eat this for heaven’s sake!!??

Once outside we notice the Golden Arches and we don’t have to think twice about it … we both are in the mood for an ice cream. It makes sure the awful taste goes away and refreshes at the same time … great minds DO think alike! :)

Because we are in close vicinity of Chinatown, we decide to go and have a look and we end up in Darling Harbour. This looks like a cool place to be, especially with the many playgrounds for children, the small parks with fountains and the more than many cafés and restaurants.

The sun is shining real bright and it is fun watching the performance of all the street artists. We walk through the entire place, take a lot of pictures but most of the time we just enjoy the scenery. This is really a nice area and we both feel at ease here. I just can’t get enough of watching all the ibises in the park, they are such funny birds!

We want to forget our previous food disappointment as soon as possible and this time around we go for something Mexican. Tania orders some burritos and I go for the quesadillas. They taste very yummy and together with a nice atmosphere … who's complaining!? Certainly not us, this is definitely living the life like we always say! :)

It is already getting late and the sun is almost setting when Tania opts for going to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Why not, we can’t go back to the hotel without seeing the 2 icons of Sydney.


When we arrive at the Circular Quay it seems that we are not alone, it looks like this is THE place to be in the evening and after being there for about half an hour we figure out why. As it gets darker and darker, the buildings seem to come to “life”. They all have different colors of light which makes it a nice sight for the eye.

It is already pretty late when we arrive at our hotel, but before we go back to our room, we first go for some food shopping. There is a supermarket across our hotel and we quickly find all the necessary goods for making ourselves a nice breakfast in the morning. The only thing left for us to do is go to sleep because tomorrow is going to be a busy day as well.

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I loved Sydney and you've reminded me why! I really like that last photo above - very atmospheric :)

by ToonSarah

Yep, I love it too ... I hope to visit Australia once again in the upcoming years ... I just can't wait!

by Ils1976

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