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Happy to be off the plane, I am surprised that everything goes so quickly and within no time we are waiting in line for our passport control, where much to our surprise we find nothing else but friendly people. This makes me realise that we aren’t in Europe anymore.

Once we’ve got our bags, we still have to undergo one more control before we can go and discover this amazing country. We stated that we brought medicines into the country and because this was mentioned on the same line as drugs, I already knew what was going to happen as soon as we stepped on the red carpet and the cute Beagle came along. But we had nothing to hide and with a warm goodbye we were sent of into the country.

Tania was smart enough to make reservations for the air train and in no time we arrived in Brisbane CBD. Although it was still early in the morning, we were already sweating like hell. This was going to be a very hot day. Our hostel was only a few blocks away from the train station, but when we finally arrived, the only thing I could think about was how to remove my clothes as quickly as possible (don’t get wrong ideas now! :D ).

Unfortunately our room isn’t ready till 2 PM, but we have the opportunity to drop our luggage in a secured room and freshen up in the communal bathroom. We take what we can get and as soon as I find myself some shorts, I quickly change into them and together with some sandals I am good to go.

We aren’t far away from the main shopping street and the first thing I do is buying a local SIM card which we need to confirm all our bookings and tours and than we need to look for some food, because we are both starving.

We end up in one of the many food courts and find some sort of bakery which sells ham and cheese toast, but it turns out to be just plain awful. We eat it because we are hungry, but that’s it. The juice is going down much better and strangely enough we even get cold from the AC inside. It is set really low, this can’t be very healthy!?

Outside the temperatures are just insane! It’s not even noon yet and I am guessing we already have more than 40 degrees … that’s bloody hot if you ask me! We walk through the main shopping street and once in a while we go and check out the many souvenir shops even if it is just for the AC and the fluffy animals. We end up at King George Square, but it is just so hot that we decide to go to the botanic gardens in the hope that it’s a bit cooler, but we have no such luck.


We do have luck when it comes to seeing the local wildlife. It is fun watching all the strange birds running and flying around, like ibises, pigeons, birds I don’t even know how they are called AND we even see our first Kookaburra. It is such an amazing bird and it's needless to say we kept gazing at it like a kid in front of a candy store.


I feel the jetlag kicking in and with the necessary stops we head towards the Brisbane river. When we finally reach the South Bank, it is just too hot to stay in the sun for a long period of time. Much to our liking, they made a beach alongside the river and Tania decides to dip her feet in the water while I enjoy a moment of rest in the shade till it’s time to go back to our hostel.


The heat is just unbearable, normally I don’t mind the sun shining, I don’t even mind the heat, but now I just feel like a zombie and even walking seems like a harsh thing to do. I guess that is called jetlag, but still???

At 2 PM we finally get our stuff into our room and although it is not much to look at, I am glad I can finally shower and feel a little bit human again.

Because it is still too early to go to sleep, we decide on going on one of the local City Cat cruises. Maybe the breeze on the water is a bit cooler, but no luck here either. It is still hot and although we enjoy the views in the beginning, not soon after we have trouble keeping our eyes open. I doze off more than once and to be honest, I was glad to arrive back at our point of origin. Such a pity, because I think under normal circumstances it has to be a beautiful “cruise”.


Still tired, we hope that things get better when we eat something and our choice of the day is Asian food in one of the many food courts. This time, the food is better than expected and with a full stomach we head back to our room. But after reorganising everything we both call it a night and I fell asleep before my head even touches my pillow. Man, I must have been really tired!

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A shame about the jet lag and heat, but great to see a kookaburra on your very first day!

A funny thing happened to me at Brisbane Airport. We had to change planes here while flying from Darwin to Sydney and while we were sitting waiting for our next flight a man walked past carrying a complete skeleton slung over his shoulder in a fireman's lift I have no idea if it was a real one or model but it looked pretty real!!

by ToonSarah

My God, really!? That's just crazy!

On our second visit to Australia ... a blog I still need to put up here in the upcoming weeks, we were smarter ... we had a few stopovers to avoid the jet lag ... it helped a little bit ... one straight flight is not for me anymore!

by Ils1976

When we flew to Australia we had a 24 hour stopover in Singapore which really helped, but we didn't have enough holiday days to spare to be able to do that on the way home and it was tough!

by ToonSarah

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