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A sunny start into the new year!

I am so thankful that I set my alarm clock this morning because I think I would otherwise have overslept and that’s not the intention we had in mind on the 1st day of the new year.

Today we were going to meet our friend Ewa again. She lives here in Sydney and on Christmas eve we made some plans of spending the morning together at Bondi Beach. At that time it sounded like lots of fun and to tell you the truth, it still does! :)

We agreed to meet up at the reception area around 10 AM and we managed to get there on time as was Ewa. After saying our mutual best wishes for the new year, we were good to go.


First we had to take the metro to Bondi Junction and from there we took the bus all the way to the beach. I presumed we were the only once out here and that it was going to be a harsh task finding a spot that would be open, but once we were on the main street, we immediately found out that there were enough restaurants and cafes open for duty and we were definitely not alone here. So unlike Belgium! I am really loving it.

The sun is shining and we manage to score ourselves a table outside in some kind of Greek thingy and together with Ewa I opt for the Greek breakfast, which wasn’t excellent, but on the other hand, it wasn’t too bad either. Tania was smart enough to play it safe and went for the scrambled eggs.

When our stomachs were filled, we strolled along the shopping street for a while and tried to score some typical souvenirs like a Bondi beach towel, which actually came in handy for our visit to the beach.

After changing into the right “gear”, we found ourselves a nice spot to relax for a while. Tania and Ewa were the first once to go into the water and after a while even I joint Ewa into the water. It was just too freaking hot for lying on a beach a whole day long. The temperature of the water was nice in the beginning, but after a while I got cold and jumping into the many big waves wasn’t helping either. There was nothing more to do for me than to go back to the beach and soak up the warmth once again.


When we were all dried up, we decided to go for the cliff top coastal walk, which leaves from Bondi Beach all the way up to Coogee. It is about a 6 km walk with many scenic views of the coastline, but at this time of the day it’s incredibly hot as well and the sun is burning merciless on our skin. Luckily we stop once in a while to rest and admire the scenery as well as to stock up on water. I am so thankful that there are lots of facilities with free drinking water … God bless Australia! :)

It was already way in the afternoon when we arrived in Coogee. The three of us were a bit dehydrated and we tried to look for a place to have a drink and something to eat at the same time. This wasn’t easy, but in the end we did manage to score a table.

Everything looks so much better when you have something yummy to eat and drink, but I must admit that I was still a little bit tired after such a strenuous walk … I think the heat has finally got to me, but I am not complaining because back home everyone is preparing themselves for all the snow that is predicted … so in a way we are the lucky ones!

There isn’t so much to see at this beach town, so we decide to take the first bus back to the city and about an hour later we are back in the CBD, the place where our friend Ewa lives.


Instead of going back home, she decides to walk with us all the way to the Botanical Gardens. Tania still wants to have a picture of the bridge and opera and now that the weather is at its best, we owe it to ourselves to go and have a look.

It is a sad goodbye when we arrive at the Victoria Lodge Gate, but I am sure we are going to meet Ewa again, one day or another! She can count on that! :)

After walking downwards to the Farm Cove, we notice that city workers are still busy with breaking down the construction of New Year’s. There is no way we are able to reach Mrs. Macquaries Point. Bummer! We were counting on that actually, but hey … the weather is still fine, so the Botanical Gardens gets all our attention. It actually is a beautiful garden with lots of different plants and wildlife. A few days ago we saw a lizard and today it seems like all the birds have come to one place. There are lots of cockatoos flying around, local pigeons and smaller birds, but my favourite is still the rainbow lorikeet. Such beautiful birds, their colors are magnificent to say the least!

It’s already getting dark when we hit back in the direction of our hotel. We haven’t seen much of the neighbourhood we are staying at and tonight we sort of want to change that.  We first go back to our room to freshen up a bit and than the search for food is on! Tania is in need of boiled or mashed potatoes and it doesn’t seem such a bad idea to me as well. After weeks of getting nothing else but French fries (or chips as our Aussie friends like to call it) or rice, we are in need of something different.

It seems that Kings Cross has numerous pubs and bars with great deals and just around the corner we notice a superb one : steak and mash for $ 10. Talking about something send from heaven. It seems he sometimes does listen to our prayers!?! :)


It wasn’t the most perfect steak, but hey … when you are hungry, you never complain and because we still had some room left for dessert, we decided to cross the street and ended up at a small “creperie”. It is owned by Chinese people and although it seems like an odd match, we gave the lemon crepes a try and boy it was tasty. Thumbs up if you ask me!

With our tummies filled, we head back towards the CBD. We still have tickets to visit the Sydney Tower Eye and tonight is as good as another. We arrived pretty late though and missed out on the last admission which was at 9.30 PM. That’s not so good of course, but we still have a chance tomorrow night so I am not going to panic yet. I am sure we are going to make it … planning is the key! :)

Luckily it’s not too chilly outside, so the walk towards the metro station is quite nice. We even have a chance to see the enormous Christmas tree by night. After a full photo session of this beautiful tree, we are as good as ready to go back to the hotel.

And no sooner as we arrive at our room, we hit the sack because tomorrow we have yet another interesting program.

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Sounds like a super day to start the year! I can't imagine being able to go in the sea on 1st January - we are usually in the north east of England on that date and the cold North Sea would not be so inviting!

by ToonSarah

same here in rainy Belgium, but living on the other side of the world it is a bliss. So much sunshine, I certainly miss it during the winter months, but than again if we really have a cold one with snow, I like that as well, sadly enough we only have rain!! :( :(

by Ils1976

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